About us


Reptile breeding is our hobby since our childhood. In 2007, five years after our start, we decided to perfect our breeding and we established the company Tortuga s.r.o.. Our family enterprise specializes on breeding several kinds of reptiles – though in the long term our main domain are chameleons, especially the species Chamaeleo calyptratus and Furcifer pardalis in different kinds of colors. Thanks to our long-term experience and our careful selection of breeding animals from the most beautiful breeding lines, we are able to offer you strong, healthy and attractively colorful animals.


Our customers are not only distributors and pet store owners, but also single breeders who we meet regularly at different terraristics events. During our existence we delivered thousands of bred animals to customers not only in Europe, but also to other countries in the world with a minimum of reclamations and with an absolutely positive response. We will be happy, if you find in our offer the animal you’re interested in. For further information don’t hesitate contacting us!